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Melody drew this. Josh wrote it.

Category: Poetry

Anticipation of Midnight

She knows the door won’t open,
and it’s grown so late.
Too late to pull the robe back over her whiteness
and ignore the past hours.

Humming into the light
a cracked lullaby whose words escape her,
Spring tulips blossom from the fire.
She’s both the mother and the baby now.

The countdown has stopped marching.
Her writhing body slows its pace.
The overflow candlewax, drips then dries.
Oh, what time is it, my heart?

The division comes to show her
what she already knew in her breaths,
that a whore is just a lover with no safety net.
The burning of the wick coats her throat.

How can someone bitter your own words
or strangle you with your own tongue?
Contemplate and wander
between dying flickers.

(paired with “Evening Falls So Hard”)



Our feathered life together,
it waits for moving winds
to erase this worn-out home,
displace us into new love.

Born of fragments,
we want to wrestle our edges
into a portrait we’re proud of
but our pencil was lost in the rushing.

Tied to sinking words,
each beat is a slamming door,
falling a little more down
through our rib cage.

And yesterday morning
rolling the covers through my legs
like an undertow,
I let you go.

(paired with “Static”)